Brighton Music Conference kicks off with over 5000 visitors!

Last weekend (11th & 12th April 2014), over 5000 people attended the first major Brighton Music Conference that the UK has ever had. Focused mainly in and around the Brighton Dome and a selection of venues around town.

This countries first conference for electronic music attracted attendees from around the world with dance music fans and industry bigwigs flying in from Australia, San Francisco, India, Mexico, Amsterdam, Norway, Ibiza and Berlin

What a schedule of panels, talks, technology launches and parties there was!

Lee and Lisa lashes at BMC

DJ Lisa Lashes and DJ Lee Ellis at the Brighton Music Conference (BMC)

Lisa Lashes nailed it straight off the bat when she said; “It’s one of the first music conferences I’ve been to at the beginning and it’s in the UK, that’s amazing! Who needs the Winter Music conference (WMC) in Miami when you’ve got BMC do you know mean? You can have the good music and cocktails then have fish and chips by the sea, all sounds good to me.”

Terry Church who promotes the Brighton Music Conference was a very busy man on the day but I found him in the corner of the ‘History of House’ panel with the likes of DJ Graham Park from the Hacienda days and DJ Pierre checking how the discussion started and numbers in the room (he was more than pleased…)

We talked as we walked and he summed it up so far by saying; “The feedback’s been phenomenal, we’ve had no negativity, no bad Tweets or Facebook comments. It’s all been brilliant and can’t wait for next year. All of the major contributors want to come back next year. People are saying that they want to be major partners for year for broadcasting and for Livestreaming and for media. It’s been beyond expectations.”

“The conference is only going to get bigger and better. This year was just about establishing the brand and bringing in key individuals. Next year it will be more about the parties. That means it will be more of a festival and there has to be the infrastructure for that. This year is a conference that requires lots of moving parts and we didn’t want double the pressure this year. Next year we will have some major partners that will handle a lot of the promotion for the parties and events.”

After chatting to one of the superstar DJ’s and the promoter my thoughts turned towards the punters and when I bumped into the ever amiable and prolific promoter Darren Braddick of Endemic Digital Inc. I asked what he’s got coming up; “We are doing 3 festivals this summer; We are fstvl in Essex, Pulse in Southampton and Emporium festival in Holland, so we are well busy for the rest of the year and going into the next. We have an anniversary at the end of the month as it will be our 200th release on Endemic!” He looked happy and fatigued at this point…

Endemic crew in front BMC banner

The Endemic crew hydrate in the Press area…

Darren promptly plugged the Drop DJ’s, Lee and Ryan who he is currently working with.  DJ Ryan Rickard has just finished a Tech House track; Revolver, coming out on Endemic on May 25th that’s getting good feedback on the promos. Available on Beatport, SoundCloud and all quality outlets. “I love the vibe here in Brighton loving atmosphere, lovely people, not so happy about the expensive beer!”
The other half of the Drop DJ’s Lee Ellis has recently released a rolling Tribal Tech single; We are many. Available Beatport, Juno Download, ITunes.

Last but not least of the Endemic party crew is DJ and Producer Deano Pressure who a part of the Tach Noir Crew who have their 5th birthday party coming up next month on the 10th May with Seb Fontaine headlining. You can find him every Sunday at Audio in Brighton playing reggae; Niceness from 4pm until 10pm, then carrying on at Rikitik’s.

It was all rounded off in effortlessly cool fashion by a pop up party for Mobilee Records on Saturday night at Cloak, dancing underneath the Jubilee library into the small hours was just superb!

All in all it was a great success and one that I’m sure many DJs, producers, labels and industry people will have penned firmly into their diaries for many years to come.

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